We have a few different pricing structures based on the scope of the clients’ needs (team, club, individual, non-profit, distributor, retail etc.). Tell us something about you and what needs you require. Our jersey prices typically run between $55-$85 and bib shorts between $55-$90 depending on your price structure fit, volume, alterations, and personalization. Request price sheet
Our turnaround time is generally 4-6 weeks after the final artwork is approved. Some smaller orders may see a faster turnaround time. Your salesperson can provide you with the order deadlines you will need to meet to insure that your targeted delivery date can be met.
For Custom orders, a minimum quantity of 10 jerseys and 10 shorts are required.  After the minimum quantity is met, 1 item per garment can be ordered (with the exception of accessories, they require a 10 quantity minimum).  For Retailers, a 15-unit minimum is required. Get more info
We are an aggressive company that will not treat you as just another order number. We have the patience and work ethic to make sure you are happy with choosing us as your clothing supplier. Developing great garments and creating unique designs is what drives us. We are also cyclists, we live to ride and understand the fit, quality, and durability requirements of the serious cycling enthusiasts.
If you are requesting custom clothing, before work can begin on your design, we require a $100 non-refundable Artwork Deposit. For custom logos, we require a $50 non-refundable Artwork Deposit. The artwork deposit will be deducted from your order balance should you complete the entire ordering process. In our online store, you can submit the artwork deposit fee for both custom clothing and logos. Get more info
In addition to competitive pricing, we offer Exclusive product lines for our retailers and distributors. The exclusivity insures that your shop or retail chain can commission designs that are not offered to other retailers nor will the designs be available in our online store. For your inquiries, please allow up to 1 business day for a response. Contact Us
Yes. We can make a unique design for you for a flat fee.  An hourly fee is applied if there is a need to re-work logos that are not received in the proper format or if we need to make an original logo for you. We will create the design and then send your manufacturers graphic artist all related design elements needed for their template integration. We'll work with them up until final art approval. For your inquiries, please allow up to 1 business day for a response. Get more info
We don't currently ship internationally through our online store. We are however, putting processes in place that will allow orders placed online to ship internationally in 2015.
Packages will leave our warehouse on the same day if we receive the order before 4PM PST Monday-Friday(Except shipping holidays). All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail with transit time being 2-3 days. If you don't receive your order tracking information within 24hrs, contact us. Contact Us
We can also provide product development expertise; we can work with you to develop new garments. The process involves creating a prototype for size and construction accuracy. Why settle for the current offerings in the market, create something unique. For your inquiries, please allow up to 1 business day for a response. Contact Us
We source high quality fabrics, threads, and inks for all of our garments. We continually improve our product fit, and develop various construction options to benefit our customers. All of our graphics use heat transfer sublimation printing. This process allows for the fabric to be dyed with an image without changing the inherent properties of the fabric. This process gives our garments fantastic graphic detail while still maintaining the fabrics integrity. Do not use fabric softener! While fabric softeners make your clothes feel and smell wonderful, they add a coating to the fabric surface that can impair the wicking properties of the fabric.
We have both men and women's Race Cut and Athletic/Club Cut clothing. Both are available for our Full and Semi-Custom options. The Race Cut is not Euro small, it is not overly tight and the fabric has a lot of give but it is designed to fit snug. Our jersey tend to be a little shorter in the front to avoid the "zipper bulge" that you get when in riding position. The Athletic Cut is looser fitting in the chest and rib area for a more relaxed fit. If you are used to wearing a Club Cut from another manufacturer, then you want to go up one size with our Race Cut. For example, if you normally wear a Club Cut Medium jersey, then order a Large Race Cut jersey. Our Athletic Cut is closer to a Club Cut but not as baggy in the chest/rib cage area.
The majority of the current short padding that companies offer is composed of foam in varying degrees of density. Over time, the foam compresses from use (and washing) and will eventually lose its density and comfort. Our D Dub Pro Elite Gel Pad consists of foam and high-density gel inserts. The gel inserts will not break down over time, they will provide comfort throughout the lifetime of the short. We also offer our top quality D Dub Consolare Pad. Our Multi-layer 3D foam Consolare Pad is the ultimate in all-foam construction and is also very comfortable. Both of our top level pads are available in both men and women specific sizing and construction.
There are no charges to integrate your design into our templates. Our clients normally seek our design services because they value the uniqueness of our designs.
Yes, your salesperson can provide you with a few garments for inspection, a deposit will be required. Request clothing samples
No. We have an all-inclusive pricing structure, there are additional charges for re-working logos that are not received in the proper format or creating new logos for you. A 1hr minimum art charge will be applied.