Safety Garments for 2015- Illuminare Pixel Technology Fabric

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As avid cyclists, we know that being visible on the road is not only necessary, but imperative to your safety. In many communities, cycling for transportation has been increasing as people see cycling as a viable alternative for work/school commute, and for running errands locally.

At D Dub Custom Sportswear, we are conscious of creating designs that utilize design elements and color to help our customers increase their visibility while out riding. For 2015, we have turned our attention toward increasing our customers visibility during their night commutes to and from work, training rides, and evening errand runs.

Our solution for increased visibility is to utilize our new D Dub Illuminare Pixel Technology Fabric. We sourced the material from the Italian textile giant, Miti. The high-tech fabric has fine glass beads that are bonded to the fabrics surface. We use our digital sublimation with non-fade Italian inks to print design elements, logos, and text onto the fabric. The glass beads reflect light thus giving cyclists a more prominent visual marker on the urban landscape.

The little reflective trim bits that many manufacturers use for their shorts, vest, jackets, etc is minimally effective when compared to our Illuminare fabric’s visual night impact, the photos speak for themselves.

Currently, we only offer garments made with our Illuminare fabric for custom orders. However, we will be selling jerseys, vests, knee warmers, shorts, jackets, and accessories made with Illuminare through our online store within the next few months.

Need to increase your night visibility? Now you know where to find the hottest cycling gear to achieve that.

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